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Egis Network

The firm’s Managing Partners have over 75 years of executive-level experience in the Security and Protection industry and maintain relationships with key decision-makers throughout the market. This connectivity provides unique insight into trends, cycles, and disruptive innovations.

Origination Advantage

Industry executives, founders, and investment bankers recognize Egis as a partner in the Security and Protection industry with a leading role in sourcing investment opportunities. Relevant relationships and expertise allow Egis to quickly evaluate prospective opportunities, provide meaningful feedback, and act decisively in converting an idea into an investment.

Strategic Support

Egis believes that every portfolio company should be built and positioned to be a value-added partner to their customer base and key suppliers. With an active ownership approach, the Egis team drives growth by developing a strategic roadmap, aligning management with critical priorities, and supporting focused initiatives. Collectively, Egis’ Managing Partners have originated, sourced, and led more than $600 million of equity investments and $2 billion of debt financings in over 100 companies in the Security and Protection industry.


Egis is focused on the $550 billion growing and global market for products and services that protect people, assets, and information. Our subsectors, physical security, identity solutions, and cybersecurity are highly fragmented and have established long-term growth trends above 5%. Intensifying threatscapes, disruptive technologies, declining price points, changing demographics, and increased infrastructure spending offer strong support for continued economic expansion within the Security and Protection industry.


Expanding Threats

Intensifying “threatscapes” across the U.S. and abroad, such as terrorism, global criminal networks, cybercrime, natural disasters, street and white-collar crimes put people, assets and information at increasing risk.


Enterprises are rapidly adopting new technologies including cloud computing, Big Data, mobile communications and IoT, accelerating demand and growth for security products and solutions.

Operational Efficiency

Security provides dual benefits of protection and operational efficiency; “secure and smart”.

Infrastructure Spending

Security investments are the “last mile” of infrastructure. The construction of bridges, commercial buildings, utilities, and airports are not complete if not secure.


An aging population motivated to stay in their homes is driving demand for in-home monitoring and technology solutions. Increasing cost of labor is creating demand for automated security and protection services.

Growing global demand for protection of people, assets and information

Underserved lower middle-market with hundreds of potential targets

Target market has generated over $500B of annual revenues and is highly fragmented

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