• Investment Strategy


Safety, Security, Protection, and Risk Management are core economic drivers, and keeping people, assets, and communities safe is core to our investment thesis and mission. Egis’ 45 years of executive-level experience in the Safety, Security, Protection, and Risk Management industries and network provides unique insight into trends, cycles, and prospective opportunities, which allows us to provide meaningful feedback and act decisively in the due diligence process. We are patient and flexible capital, while energetic and committed partners for management teams.


  • Industry Focused: Safety, Security, Protection, and Risk Management industries covering areas such as Access Control, Intrusion, Identity, Video, Remote Monitoring, Fire, Supply Chain Logistics, Public Safety, PropTech, Construction Tech, IoT Sensors and Communications, GovTech, Safety, Risk and Compliance, etc.
  • Flexible Capital: Minority or Majority Transactions, from Growth Equity to Buyout
  • Enterprise Value: Between $30 million and $300 million


  • Our experience enables us to support companies and management’s strategic initiatives
  • We understand that the road to success is not a straight line, and we are committed partners throughout the journey
  • Our process involves supporting growth through the life cycle of the business
  • We believe that our experience enables us to strengthen our portfolio company’s business model and value proposition across new and existing market opportunities

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